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Remote Backup

Hours have been spent planning your infrastructure…

Thousands have been spent building it…

Onsite backup is not enough to ensure your important data is protected.

Why OnSite Backup is Not Enough

The problem with relying solely on an onsite data backup is the risk of data corruption and or natural disasters.  Database corruption is fairly common and can occur a number of different ways:

  • Hard drive failure
  • Viruses
  • Drive corruption
  • System changes
  • Laptop risks
  • Power failure
  • Media degradation
  • Human error
  • Data sabotage
  • Computer theft
  • Natural disaster such as fire, flood, hurricane, lightening and other disasters

Today, Your Data Needs a Second Line of Defense

The Problem with Manual Remote Backup Solutions:

  • Chance of human error
  • Chance of sabotage
  • In case of natural disaster, are remote backups stored far enough offsite to be safe?
  • If a data loss occurs, you still lose valuable hours of work.  Some tape backups that are stored offsite are at the very least a day old, sometimes a week old.
  • Some transactions may be almost impossible to recreate, your lost $$ could be more than just your lost employee salaries.

Simple, Automatic, Secure and Affordable!

Bennett Office Technologies has partnered with a large remote backup partner to bring our customers a service that is simple, automatic, secure and affordable! Bennett Office Technologies will manage the monitoring, maintenance and, at your request, file restoration.


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