Cleaning PC Keyboard in an OfficeWhat can you do in your office to prevent the spread of illness and protect your employees? This question has come up numerous times with our clients lately and we felt that it was crucial to address how to safely clean technology devices.

Disinfecting high-touch areas in your offices like shared printers and copiers regularly is very important for keeping your employees safe. Cleaning personal use technology like keyboards and office or cell phones is additionally important. Here are eleven tips to clean technology devices safely.

11 Tips for Safely Cleaning Technology Devices

  1. Communicate the importance of regular cleaning to all of your employees and give them proper training on how to disinfect office technology properly.
  2. Consider putting a wipeable cover on electronics, like a protective screen protector or case on your personal cell phone. Where applicable, adding a wipeable cover can make cleaning technology easier and able to do more often.
  3. Wear disposable gloves. This is common practice for any type of cleaning. It not only protects you from anything living on the surface that you’re cleaning, but it also protects your hands from any cleaning chemicals.
  4. Make sure that the device that you’re cleaning is turned off and unplugged. This is an important step to protect you and your technology.
  5. Use cleaning products that properly disinfect your technology. Use alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol.
  6. When using a disinfecting spray, first spray this mixture onto a microfiber cloth then wipe the surface clean. Never spray cleaning product directly onto your device!
  7. Clean each piece of technology thoroughly. Pay special attention to high tough surfaces, such as touchscreens on your copier or buttons on your mouse. Don’t forget less visible areas like paper tray handles on your printer.
  8. Cleaning Cell Phone with GlovesKeep moisture out! Do not allow moisture to get into the USB ports on your copier or laptop, the keys on your keyboard, the charging jack on your cell phone, or other open areas. This can damage your technology!
  9. Use enough product for treated surfaces to remain visibly wet for 30 seconds.
  10. After cleaning, dry the surface thoroughly or ensure that the device has completely air-dried before plugging it in or powering it up.
  11. Remove gloves immediately after each cleaning. Do not touch other surfaces that you could contaminate.  Be sure to carefully and properly remove gloves without touching the outside service of the glove. Dispose of the gloves and wash your hands thoroughly.

Printable Instruction for the Office

The team at Bennett Office Technologies created a condensed version of these disinfecting instructions specifically for your high-touch copiers and printers. We recommend that you print copies of these instructions and place them near each copier and printer in your office. This will help remind your employees of the importance of cleaning your office technology often and give them proper instruction on how to do so.

Download and Print Disinfecting Your Office Equipment (PDF)

Ask Bennett Office Technologies

Following these tips will allow you to safely disinfect the surfaces of your office equipment without damaging the device and most importantly keep your employees safe and well.

Do you have any questions about how to safely disinfect office technology or how to properly clean office equipment surfaces? The team at Bennett Office Technologies can help. Please contact us at 320-235-6425.

Do you have other online security or technology needs? Bennett Office Technologies works closely with clients to keep your information secure and your technology running properly. For assistance on determining your personal or business computer needs contact our team of experts at Bennett Office Technologies. Business owners are welcome to complete our Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you to do a free assessment.

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