Network security is always a major concern of any business.  Here are 5 misconceptions of network security.

1. I have no sensitive data on my computer and do not need to be secure.

As long as you have internet access (and who doesn’t) a hacker, virus or worm can use your computer as a source to spread damaging materials to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other computers.  This is done by using your computers existing IP address as a disguise to fool other computers into allowing entry.

2. I have a firewall so I am secure.

This is the most common misconception.  A firewall is used as a shield between the public internet and your company’s information.  However, it cannot shield everything as some data needs to travel the internet freely (i.e.: email, web pages or if remote access is allowed).  This is done through an open port on your firewall.  Every open port adds to your system’s vulnerability.

3. My computer came with anti-virus software, shouldn’t I be protected?

New viruses are created on a daily basis. Frequent virus software updates are released to add protection against each newly detected virus.  It has been recommended to update virus software at least once a week.

4. I just purchased a new computer so my Operating System (OS) is up-to-date.

Even though your machine is new to you, chances are it has been sitting in stock for the last 3-6 months, in which case its service packs and security patches are 3-6 months old as well.  OS updates are released on a regular basis.  The first thing to do after hooking u a new computer is to go online and update the operating system.  It is good practice to check for operating system updates when you check for virus updates.

5. We have an IT staff to manage our system.

An IT staff is busy with weekly updates, maintenance, staying current on new technologies, etc.  Network Security needs more than part-time attention.  Over the last few years the number of network threats has multiplied, and no one expects it to slow down any time soon.  Many companies turn to third party to evaluate and test their security infrastructure.  Bennett offers a 4 step Security Assessment plan.  Our security specialists will help your managers and IT staff make wiser security decisions based on an objective evaluation and by helping to determine your level of acceptable risk.

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