Microsoft 365 has radically changed the way people manage their businesses and keep track of their productivity and efficiency. Microsoft 365 is a subscription service available to any business for a fee or free to many nonprofits. The service offers advanced tools which enhance productivity and can help you run your businesses with an eye toward detail and streamlined processes.

Microsoft 365 Vs. Office 2021

Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Microsoft 365 is not to be confused with Office 2021, which is a one-time purchase. Buying Office 2021 gives you unlimited access to every Office application, such as Word and Excel. This one-time purchase is available for both PCs and Macs but cannot be upgraded. That is, once you buy Office for the year, you’ll have to wait until the next release if you want any additional features from your purchase.

Office Offline is also available though there are few features and next to no collaboration possibilities with this option. If you want a service that will improve your efficiency and allow you to work with anyone, from anywhere, at any time, Microsoft 365 is the service for you.

The Benefits of Microsoft 365

The plans provided by Microsoft include every Office desktop app which you’re already familiar with, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You also receive additional storage and the power of many cloud-powered features which let you collaborate with others on files and projects in real-time. Subscribing to the Microsoft 365 plan allows you to access many of these tools and functions for a low rate so that you can supercharge your business and work smarter than your competition.

The service is designed to offer a major boost to your productivity no matter where you are or what project you’re working on. Businesses across the nation and the world have been sending their employees home to work remotely because of the complications from the Covid-19 pandemic, and Microsoft was quick to recognize this reality and design their flagship service for the realities of a remote workforce.

Collaboration is easy and straightforward with the service because of its use of cloud storage mixed with the traditional office suite which can be accessed from any computer. The service also allows you to access an editable calendar and e-mail services that connect you to your team. In addition to the collaboration improvements, Microsoft 365 boasts some of the best web and digital security available today for your files and sensitive assets.

Data is protected and encrypted by cutting-edge cybersecurity practices. Users can be given access easily and set up accounts to stay in contact with you and your business without jeopardizing the security of your enterprise.

Join the Future of Cloud-Based Services

Companies around the globe are joining cloud-based services because they allow improved focus on infrastructure and simplify many complex questions of I.T. and software management. In general, the cloud offers greater collaboration possibilities because it’s almost entirely digital and not restricted by region or physical barriers to business. The cloud will also be instrumental in helping you back up your essential files and provide great peace of mind for the work you do on a regular basis by letting you upload it to a secure database accessible only by you.

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