Bennett Office Technologies has been an ever changing company, but our values have stayed the same.  As we look back at our 30 year history as an family-owned business, we lead by example and keep our values intertwined with business decisions. Learn more about our Bennett Values below.

1992 Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the value added source of office products to west central Minnesota business.

2011 Mission/Vision Statement

Provide our customers undeniable value, principally through managed services.

Our Bennett Manifesto

Our team of professionals works well together to ensure that your IT and print systems are efficient and operational. One of the main reasons why our team is so cohesive is because of our core values. As a team, we've developed our own manifesto. Learn more about who we are in the manifesto to the right!

Our Bennett Values

Learn more about our Bennett Values:



We really try to have a positive work environment free of negative attitudes.  We are always mindful of our actions and words around coworkers and customers.  We harness the power of optimism, to help with stress management.

Forget positive thinking, we practice positive ACTION! We are here to help our customers and employees succeed. We strive for positive long lasting relationships that add value to the company and to the employee. The best environment is one where positivity is shared with everyone they encounter. We not only work together but we also “play” together. The relationship here extends beyond the office hours.



As a technology company we are looked at as a stable resource in the ever changing industry.  Technology is a tool used to assist organizations in achieving their business goals and at Bennett, we use those tools to their fullest potential.  We adapt to the needs of our customers with new products, processes, services, technologies and ideas every day.  We are constantly evolving.  From our start as Bennett Office Supply, we’ve made some innovative choices to provide you with better business products and services.  Learn more about our newest innovative services Managed Print Services and Total Network Assurance and how they can help your company.

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Difficult situations are a barometer for your level of professionalism. We operate on what is ethical and assume personal responsibility. At Bennett, we are very dedicated to professionalism and that means looking the part. CEO Chris Bennett, takes this to the max never having worn jeans a day in his life. Not that we don’t let our employees wear jeans, but we do expect a certain level of professionalism from each individual.

Part of being a professional is representing yourself as one and having integrity to do what’s right for the customer. You can always expect that from us here at Bennett because it’s who we are. The nature of the technology business is risky. You need specialized professionals to keep your irreplaceable information secure. We hold our employees to high standards which makes us a stronger, more responsible company.

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Family & Fun

Family is important to us here at Bennett Office Technologies. As a family owned business, we appreciate the importance of family and are constantly building towards a culture of respect for one another. We take our fun seriously.  Seriously.  We don’t just hang out from 9 to 5, we have a family atmosphere that carries over into the after hours too!  With events like our annual Holiday Party, our Golf Outing, Summer Picnics and Stingers Games, we enjoy our coworkers and customers and consider them our work family. The average employee has been with Bennett for 10 years!

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Operations that are translucent build trust with stakeholders while maintaining confidentiality.  Transparency encourages leaders to live by example.  We strive to be completely open and honest about our processes, contracts, and just our business in general. For example, see the our Bennett Bits Blog “Business Ethics-What is your process?” by CFO, Chris Bennett.

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We realize that compromise is a team effort in order to obtain everyone’s business goals.  We measure success by achievements that our employees and customers have. We are committed and loyal to our customers and to partnering to meet their needs. Whether its helping to cut costs or monitoring their networks remotely, we believe partnering provides consistent focused customer experience for our customers.

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