Stack of used laptops for recycleWhen it comes to assessing IT services, aging computer hardware and planning a capital budget, a hardware refresh can be one of the first line items to be cut or drastically reduced. Some businesses will try to save money by stretching legacy hardware well beyond their expected lifespan. Desktops, for example, can have a life cycle of 5-7 years but this does not translate to efficiency in IT or business operations.

While some business owners can feel a sense satisfaction in keeping old hardware operating, this has a negative cost to the business in the long run. In The Ageing PC Effect – Exposing Financial Impact For Small Businesses, Techaisle reports “The average per PC cost to upgrade an older PC is highest within the 1-49 employee size small businesses and is 1.6 times the cost to upgrade a PC that is less than 4 years old.”

The Visible Costs of Legacy Hardware

Business owners can acknowledge the visible impact of aging hardware by paying attention to employee pain points and frustrations reported in employee satisfaction surveys. From PCs and laptops that are slow to boot up, frustrated staff using old hardware to run presentations in meetings (ever experience a slow loading PowerPoint presentation?), to business applications that “hang” and perform slowly; these pain points degrade employee satisfaction and productivity. What’s not visible, reports Techaisle, “… an average of 42 hours is lost due to an older PC being repaired by either internal IT staff or a reseller or even friends & family.”

The Hidden Costs of Legacy Hardware

How much time does your IT services and support team spend fixing technology issues? In the overall scale of priorities an IT operations team is assigned, a security patch cycle can seem less of a priority until there’s a virus attack. Techaisle surveyed over 700 businesses in 6 different countries to assess the cost of legacy hardware to small businesses and found: “ …the direct cost associated with the older PCs including cost to repair and upgrades is likely to be $1,683 versus $1,257 for the newer PCs.

Our team of professionals at Bennett Office Technologies has a strong track record helping business owners from small, medium to large, understand the impact their legacy hardware has on the company bottom line.  We audit your existing hardware, from the age of your desktops, laptops and printers to the operating systems you are currently maintaining. We provide a strategic plan to execute a hardware refresh and establish a replacement schedule for long term capital planning. We’ll also provide guidance on the IT policies that can simplify management of hardware including tablets and smartphones.

There’s No Shortcut to Aging Hardware: Upgrade Your Business with Bennett Office Technologies

Don’t wait until the end of life of your hardware to have an optimized and lean technology environment. Replacing hardware components can offer a short term solution to a long term problem. With an optimized IT environment, KPIs (key performance indicators) for teams can see an upward shift because staff no longer experience downtime due to aging inefficient hardware.

Complete our Free Technology Assessment form and we will contact you to schedule a session and perform a free assessment of your IT business needs! We treat our clients as partners and hire the best certified IT technicians to work with us. Let our expertise elevate your IT and business operations. We are proud to serve our local business community locally in Wilmar, MN and throughout the region.

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