Need Computer Repairs or Upgrades?

happy computer repair customer

You’re back in the office, or working from home, and you have a to-do list to tackle, BUT your PC is running slowly, or not working at all! Or maybe you were given a new PC to use and you’re not sure how to optimize its functions. What is your...

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How to Detect Malicious Emails and Protect Your Company’s Data

How to Detect Malicious Emails and Protect Your Company’s Data

Did you know? It only takes one untrained team member to innocently fall for a malicious email scheme to expose your company’s sensitive data that you’ve worked so hard to protect. The process of hackers using malicious email to con your team into providing your sensitive information or account data...

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What to Expect from your Computer Repair Technician?

stressed woman in need of a Computer Repair Technician

Are you feeling frustrated because your computer is not working properly and slowing down your progress? The first step to finding peace of mind is to find a computer repair technician that you can trust. One that will protect your data, provide a quality recommendation based on your needs, and...

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How to Prepare Your Computer for Repair Services

computer repair services in Willmar MN

We know the feeling, that terrible feeling when your PC or laptop is acting up…AGAIN. It’s affecting your productivity, and just plain stressing you out! As much as you may not want to admit it, it’s likely time to research computer repair services. Here are a few tips to prepare...

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11 Tips for Safely Cleaning Technology Devices

worker with gloves Cleaning PC Keyboard in an Office

What can you do in your office to prevent the spread of illness and protect your employees? This question has come up numerous times with our clients lately and we felt that it was crucial to address how to safely clean technology devices. Disinfecting high-touch areas in your offices like...

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Business Post Covid 19

awake at night - COVID-19 worry

What’s keeping you awake at night in this current COVID-19 world? Perhaps you are worried about business continuity. Or your concern is for your valued employees and the impacts they are facing. Maybe you’re using this time to evaluate areas of improvement, and opportunities that until now, weren’t even on...

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How to Improve Your WiFi Network Speed

network speed capabilities on several devices

Did you know that one device with a slow connection can slow down WiFi for the entire network? Unfortunately, it’s true!  A device with very poor coverage that takes up an excessive amount of capacity on your wireless network, can cause performance to plummet for all of your devices. How...

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CryptoLocker Methods, Risks and Prevention

CryptoLocker methods, risks and prevention

Many of you have been asking us about the dangers of CryptoLocker to your personal and business computers. Hackers are increasing in numbers and are constantly finding new ways to break through anti-virus and firewall technologies. We want you to understand these threats and provide tips on what you can...

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Disinfecting Your Office Equipment

Man using copier in office setting

We’ve had a lot of questions about how to clean and disinfect your office equipment. Please follow the instructions below when disinfecting your copier or printer. The process is the same for both. How to Disinfect Your Copier or Printer Power down your LCD screen. Use a disinfectant wipe to...

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Did You Know? VMware is an Additional Expense for Servers That You May Not Need!

employees using computer - hypervisor or vmware

No one wants to buy something that they aren’t going to utilize, right?! Buying software can be challenging for companies and individuals. What software best fits your organization’s needs? What software is worth your money? Let’s take a closer look at what VMware is and look at if it is...

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