Do I Need to Replace My Hardware in Order to Upgrade to Windows 10?

Hardware Needed For Windows 10 Upgrade

If you’re asking yourself this question, you are not alone. This is a commonly asked question among our clients. In this article we take you through our process. Before we begin, we want to quickly go over the top feature of Windows 10 and why it’s important to upgrade. The...

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3 Key Improved Security Features of Window 10

pair discussing security features of Windows 10

Did you know? Windows 10 was designed to be the most secure Windows yet! On top of that, Microsoft continues to upgrade and improve security features. That’s great news for businesses as cybercrime is on the rise. Here are some ways that Windows 10 is helping businesses better protect data...

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Top 11 Reasons Why it’s Finally Time to Upgrade to Windows 10

man working on PC

We understand, change can be hard…especially when it comes to technology. You feel comfortable with your current Windows operating system and don’t see any reason to take the leap and upgrade to Windows 10. These 11 reasons below will certainly change your mind and leave you wanting all the features...

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10 Best Practices for PC Management

office PC Management

You depend on your personal computer (PC) right? You rely on your PC to work when you need it and to help you successfully complete your tasks efficiently. But did you know that your PC also depends on you? That’s right. If you take care of your PC, it will...

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Mobile Device Security: Recommendations When Traveling for Work or Pleasure

Mobile Device Security Recommendations When Traveling for Work or Pleasure

Public WiFi: What Is It and Is It Safe To Use? The Early History of WiFi The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) developed the original wireless specification known as 802.11. It was released in 1997 and made available to consumers. In 1998 a company called MobileStar coined the...

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Windows 10 Productivity Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier

Windows 10 Productivity Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier

You’ve upgraded to Windows 10 and preparing to upgrade and train staff for their upgrade. Depending on the Windows OS you’re upgrading from, these transitions can be stressful but some simple tips and reference points can set your users at ease. Favorite Shortcut Keys in Windows 10 Simple key combinations...

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ROI and Managed Print Services, A Case Study

Printer Comparison Chart

When it comes to planning a capital IT budget there is often a push to cut costs. Investing less up front on hardware tends to cost a company significantly over time. Our team at Bennett Office Technologies specializes in reviewing IT assets and related operational costs. Our Managed Print Solutions...

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Understanding Windows 10 and Why It’s Time to Upgrade

Close up on windows computer laptop

There can be good reasons to not upgrade to a new version of an operating system, and these reasons will change over time. Many Windows users choose not to be early adopters when a new version of Microsoft’s operating system is released. These users prefer to see the latest OS...

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Why You Need a Professional for Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup on Computer

There are many variables to consider when creating a reliable data backup and recovery process. Businesses requirements vary when it comes to data backup and storage needs – from the size of a business, volume of data transactions and the length of time data must be stored. The need for...

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The Advantages of Remote IT Computer Support

Help Desk Call Phone

Whether you are a local business owner or home computer user in need of computer support or repair, taking your computer to a physical location is not always feasible. Working with a knowledgeable IT technician that can remotely troubleshoot your IT issue while you remain in the comfort of your...

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