Printing at Home or at the Office, What To Do When You Can’t Print

Desktop Home Printer with Paper

When you need to run a simple print job, it can be frustrating to encounter printer errors whether at work or at home. By following some simple guidelines you can minimize printing issues and improve your ability to troubleshoot them. Operating Systems, Security Patches and Printer Drivers Make sure your...

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How to Optimize Your Workforce with Dedicated IT Resources, Regular Computer Maintenance and Repairs

IT Support Team Help Desk answering calls

To optimize productivity, teams need a work environment that meet the demands of their day-to-day office roles. Businesses need a reliable fast network supported by a well-planned and supported infrastructure. Workstations need to be optimized and maintained with regular security patches and system updates that protect devices from malware, viruses...

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Tips to Reduce the Risk of Laptop Damage

Business Woman Typing on Laptop

Cracked Screens, Dead Batteries, Liquid Spills and Loud Fans As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take an assessment of what your daily habits are, and you may find opportunities to reduce the risk of damage to your laptop. Replacing Cracked Laptop Screens...

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Tips to Optimize Your PC Performance

office worker typing on keyboard

Whether a PC is several years old or new, optimal performance is a top expectation for business and personal computer users. Optimizing PC performance is one of the most frequently requested services at Bennett Office Technologies. Below, we share a series tips to get the best performance out of your...

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Internet Security – Options and Best Practices For Your Business

Internet and computer security concept

Antivirus and Internet Security: Options and Best Practices In our recent post about Understanding Potential Cyber Threats: Your Email Inbox we addressed cybersecurity and the different types of attacks that can jeopardize your personal and business data. It’s critical that your network environment is secure and that your company has...

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Cybercrime and Your Email Inbox, Are You Protected?

Hacking and Cyber Criminal at Computer Station

Understanding Potential Cyber Threats: Your Email Inbox October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). NCSAM was established by the Department of Homeland Security to support and educate individuals and businesses against cybercrimes such as ransomware, malware and phishing. How prepared and knowledgeable you? Millions of people use email to communicate...

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Does Your Computer Need Repair? Top Tips on Computer Health and When to Call the Experts

Typing on a PC Laptop Computer

When it comes to PC health, good habits will improve the performance of your desktop or laptop. Bennett Office Technology recommends some best practices you can integrate into your day to day routine. While it’s important to be proactive, it’s also critical to know when to call an expert for...

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When You Should Choose a Cloud-Based Email Solution and Why

Windows Laptop Computer

When it comes to managing email, common concerns expressed by clients include how secure a cloud-based email solution is, how easy is it to manage, and who offers the best solution? Bennett Office Technologies partners with Microsoft and Barracuda Networks to offer clients a secure cloud-based email solution. We recommend...

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Barracuda Email Changes


Changes Coming to Barracuda Spam Filter Emails Removal of Hyperlinks as of July 31st In recent months, Barracuda has seen an increase in the number of exploits regarding hyperlinks. Criminals are using these exploits by sending an email with a hyperlink that links to a real website for part of...

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Adult Website Scam

scam alert icon

We have received many questions regarding email concerns that are similar to the below email. With several large digital breaches in the last few months, comes the risk that some of your data has been exposed. Recently several lists have been posted in open locations and they are unable to...

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