Be on the look out for a phishing Google Drive email that appears to be from someone you know. This email is spreading quickly in the community and will prompt you to enter your username and password into a form which will allow 3rd party access to your account. Google has locked down 3rd party access because of the large amount of spam email being sent, but if you have already clicked on the link, you will need to take action before Google unlocks it again.

Here is how the phishing email works: you will receive an email notice that someone has shared a Google Doc with you, if you click on a link, you are taken to a Google log-in page.

The form will ask you to enter your Google username and password. Inputting your email and password into the form gives them access to your Google Drive, Gmail and any personal information stored within- including your email address contacts. This scam uses an actual Google Drive account, which makes it appear more legitimate. The scammers then use your account and contacts to spread the emails ever further.

To check if your account has been compromised and to remove 3rd party access- see the instructions below.

Login to your gmail account.


 Click on the circle with your first initial highlighted below.  Then click on “My Account”.


 Go to Sign-in & security.  Click on “Signing in to Google”.


Click “Password” under Signing in to Google.


 Once doing so google will ask you to change your email password.


 Go back to “My Account”, then  click “Signing in to Google”.

Scroll down to “Connected apps & sites”, then click “MANAGE APPS”


Then find and determine suspicious apps.  Then click “REMOVE”.



If you have questions about removing 3rd party access please contact the help desk at 320-214-3838 or 1-800-262-6425.

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