Bennett Office Technologies is making a change to a key piece of software that we use to manage workstations, servers, and software.  In 2014 our ticketing software company Autotask acquired CentraStage and has since integrated it into their product.  CentraStage which is now called AEM allows some new processes that we will communicate in 2016.  Right now we are migrating the processes we have in Kaseya into AEM.

Things you need to know:

  1. AEM is a cloud based software.  Certifications and security information are available for your review by request.  Security was a very high priority for us when researching this product.
  2. AEM has 3 different methods of remote desktop access
    1. Microsoft remote desktop
    2. VNC (what Kaseya uses)
    3. Splashtop runs with AEM but will have a second icon.
  3. You will see more tickets coming from us.  We will be tightening the parameters of what we monitor and generate tickets from those monitors.  If you receive ticket notifications from us and they become overwhelming, please call us.
  4. Two factor authentication will be required for anyone accessing the system. (What is 2FA?)

Watch for this new icon to appear:


Currently we have a maintenance window from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning.  A number of processes run during the maintenance window but most notably Windows updates.  In today’s security conscious environment some of the patches do not need to wait until a reboot can happen.  These patches will be tested and processed quickly.  Patches that require reboots will still wait for the maintenance windows unless immediate attention is required.

Features that we will be able to add:

  • 3rd party software updates and version control
  • Automation for line of business applications if command line installation is supported
  • Monitoring of mobile devices.
  • Customized monitoring of software based on services (by request)

Total Network Assurance customers will have these new features at no additional cost except for mobile devices. Mobile devices will require additional licensing. For more information on these additional features, contact us.

Lots of exciting changes are coming that will allow us to serve you better.  As always, we want to help you make technology a business enabler, not a business inhibitor. We all know that the constant in the technology industry is change. If you have any questions about your services or these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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