Bennett Office Technologies can provide you with a hosted server!

A hosted server is a shared resource that contains one or more applications to be used by multiple users.

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Keep your business connected while keeping capital expenditures down!  By hosting with Bennett Office Technologies, you get 200 gigabytes of space, the benefits of multiple hosts that are managed during our maintenance window, and our redundant infrastructure for optimal uptime!

With a hosted server, you have no investment into hardware. Capacity can typically be increased without a large capital investment and access to the server is available from most internet connections. A professionally managed server allows you to have significantly less downtime compared to a self-hosted server.

Our server infrastructure is fully redundant. This ensures that even if a hardware failure were to occur, you would not experience a major interruption in service. Our cloud hosting infrastructure is located in Willmar, Minnesota with a geographic failover at our data center located in St. Cloud, MN.

If your organization is looking to save on costs, has multiple locations, is in need of a server upgrade, or has a new software requirement, this may be the right option for you.

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