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Bennett Office Technologies provides Computer Repair and Support in Willmar, MN and throughout West Central Minnesota

The Bennett Office Technologies professional Computer Support Technicians are here to help with all of your computer repair needs.

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How Do Your PCs Perform?

PC repairs, upgrades and how to optimize systems for improved speed and performance are among the most common requests received at Bennett Office Technologies. We work with businesses from small to enterprise who need help effectively managing the lifecycle of their hardware and software computer systems. This planning is critical for long term capital IT budgeting, efficient business operations, employee satisfaction and productivity. From computer repairs and upgrades, to migration to enterprise cloud solutions, our team delivers IT services that target your long term business goals.

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Hardware Upgrades: RAM and Disk Space
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When we assess your hardware and software computer environment we look at the age of your hardware, and identify opportunities to perform computer repairs, or upgrades to hard drives, memory, and peripherals such as monitors and video cards. A simple upgrade to increase disk space and RAM can increase productivity and performance by reducing downtime and slow PC speeds.

PC Software Management

In an office setting, by using Group Policies your IT team has the ability to restrict what is installed on a computer, and can manage security updates and patches. By doing this users are better protected from the risk of downloading software that can contain viruses, malware or bloatware that consumes a PC’s processing power, RAM and disk space.

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Preventing Computer Problems in Central MN
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In addition to regular security updates and patches, you’ll want your computer running on the latest Windows operating system. This is applicable to Windows and Mac users. The latest version of Windows is currently Windows 10, and the most recent update to Windows 10 was released in October 2018.

Depending on the age of your system, you do not have to replace your hardware to run the latest version of Windows. However, the larger the gap between Windows versions, the more labor may be required to complete a successful upgrade.

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Do You Have to Upgrade to Windows 10?

We are receiving various queries from clients with systems running Windows 7. Microsoft will support Windows 7 until January 14, 2020. After this date, systems running Windows 7 will not be supported by Microsoft, and there will be no more software and security updates. Older PCs may not have to be replaced with a new system, and simple hardware upgrades can optimize upgrade opportunities. Older systems not designed to support Windows 10 will have to be replaced.

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