Young professional working on a computer in an officeData backup and automation is one of the most frequently requested IT services provided by Bennett Office Technologies. We support business owners throughout the central Minnesota area providing consultation, implementation and management of data backup and automation processes for small, medium and enterprise size businesses.

Data Backup and Protection Requires a Mission Critical Approach

Optimized systems from hardware to software allow business owners and their teams to hit key performance targets, from sales and new client acquisition to daily operations and output of products and services. While some of our clients had streamlined their processes, their data and recovery systems were at risk. How ready is your business to respond to a disaster?

Efficiency and productivity are key elements of a thriving business. But consider incidents related to hardware failures, viruses and ransomware to external events such as natural disasters or theft; how prepared are you to restore your data and continue business operations?

Regulatory Audits

Many industries including health and finance are required to meet regulatory requirements and must be prepared to pass audits by state and federal government. A backup process that is documented, maintained and tested will keep business from failing internal and external audits.

What IT Service Teams Need to Consider for Effective Data Backup

Frequency of Backups

Successful data backups rely on consistency in frequency and method. There are various types of backup processes, including full, incremental and differential. Which one do you choose?

Storing Backups

Business owners opt to keep backups onsite and a copy offsite, on tapes, USB flash drives, DVDs or an external drive. Some of these methods introduce new risks especially when IT staff are designated to take data offsite with them on hardware that can be lost or stolen.

Data Size

The amount of data that requires backup will play a considerable role in the design of your backup and recovery decisions. Not only do we need to consider the current size of data, and estimate future needs, it’s important to determine what requirements must be met to retrain data in the event of a legal inquiry. Data retention in these cases is normally 7 years. Reliable systems must be in place to protect your business, as well as your legal and financial data over time.

Hosted Backup Solutions

Bennett Office Technologies recommends hosted backup services as an optimal way to protect your data and will help you develop a disaster recovery plan. This secure method provides peace of mind that a copy of your data is available offsite in the event that your local data and servers are corrupted.

Our team at Bennett Office Technologies works with businesses to assess existing data backup methods, identify risks, and create a plan with a long-term view. As a business grows, so does data, along with the need to recover data in an immediate time critical manner.

Upgrade Your Business with Bennett Office Technology

The risks of hardware failure and natural disasters require a professional assessment for mission critical IT and business systems. Contact Bennett Office Technologies for a Free Technology Assessment, we’ll review your environment and recommend the appropriate course of action to protect your technology assets.We treat our clients as partners and hire the best certified IT technicians to work with us. Complete our Free Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you to do a free assessment of your IT business needs, and we’ll contact you to schedule a free session!

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