Secure browsing allows you to view the web page through an encrypted connection.  This makes it more difficult for unwanted eyes to view your activities and get your information, however, it doesn’t make it bulletproof.

There are a couple of quirks that happen when secure browsing is enabled.  If you open up another active Facebook session, the previous session will be terminated.  This means that you can’t be logged into your account in more than one location.  However, this means that it may be more difficult for your coworkers to hijack your account when you accidentally forget to logout of one of your sessions!

The other quirk is that you may have to login more frequently than you do now.  If you are logged into one session, leave, and try to start a new session, it will prompt you for your password now instead of just opening a new duplicate session.

Sounds like a good way to keep your data more secure right?  So here’s how you enable that feature on your Facebook account:

  1. Go to your Security Settings page ( > Account Settings > Security)
  2. Click on the Secure Browsing section
  3. Check the box provided and save your changes


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