What if you were the chief geek at a hosting company?  You’d be in charge of a large amount of your customer’s private data.  How would you protect that?  What would you do if your server room started on fire… in the middle of the night… and the building was a total loss for all 60 servers?  Yeah, I’d probably cry too.  That’s what happened to StorageCraft’s Shawn Massey and that’s why he now works for StorageCraft.  Bennett Office Technologies is a provider of StorageCraft so we can help you prevent tragedies like this from happening.  Well, still might experience a disaster but we can at least save your data and get you up and running quickly! 

Every business should have a plan. 

You should determine your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for every service you have.  See the examples below to start evaluating your disaster recovery needs.

1.    What services need to have top priority and restored quickly?

For example:

  1. Active directory
  2. VPNS
  3. Phones
  4. Exchange
  5. Database server

2.    What is the financial impact of each service?  This will help you to determine how to prioritize which services need to be up and running first.

3.    How long can each service be down before it starts affecting business?

For example:

  1. Phones = 1 hour
  2. E-mail/digital customer communications = 6 hours
  3. Time clock = 12 hours
  4. Accounting server = ASAP

4.    How much data can be lost on each service program?

For example:

  1. E-mail/customer communications= 0 data loss
  2. Accounting program = 15min
  3. Reporting server = 30 days
  4. Documents = 1 hour

5.     Is your data replicating/transported at least 30 min away from your business to a secure location?

6.    Do you do weekly/monthly/yearly checks to verify you can restore your data?

7.    Do you have a co-location or a site b in case your main location is completely destroyed? This will allow you to plan to keep everything operational during the crisis?

Your RTO and RPO will help you determine what type of backup and recovery systems you should have in place.  There are many options for you to choose from so you can determine if you need to be up and running in 30 minutes or 2 weeks.  As always, the expert team at Bennett is available to help you determine what is the right plan for your business!  Contact us to find out more about StorageCraft disaster recovery solutions today!

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