When it comes to PC health, good habits will improve the performance of your desktop or laptop. Bennett Office Technology recommends some best practices you can integrate into your day to day routine. While it’s important to be proactive, it’s also critical to know when to call an expert for PC support and computer repair.

Email and Browsing the Internet

When you’re checking email or browsing the internet, never click on links that look suspicious or that come from unknown sources. If you receive an attachment in an email you are not expecting, or from a sender you don’t recognize, mark the message as spam and don’t click the link.

Hardware Repair

If your PC fails to start, you may be facing a hardware failure. If you’re seeing a sequence of lights or hearing a series of beeps, you are hearing symptoms of potential hardware issues. The team at Bennett Office Technologies will diagnose your issue and tell you what your next steps are. We will replace hard drives, memory cards, batteries and fans. If your laptop has run into a mishap, we’ll replace cracked screens and keyboards.

Data Backup

Data is the most important asset on your computer. The loss of content you save to your computer is what will make or break your day. From family images and videos on your personal computer, to the contracts, P&L worksheets, legal documents and digital assets on your business PC, you need a reliable backup system in place.

Anti-Virus Protection

Make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your PC, that scans your computer and email service on a daily basis. We recommend solutions such as Symantec, Avast and MalwareBytes that will identify risky sites, block pop-ups and check your system for viruses and malware.

Hardware or Software Repair? Where Bennett Office Technology Can Help

We work with clients to optimize their workstations, set up anti-virus protection and configure their PC to perform at its best. Our team of professionals will quickly diagnose and resolve critical PC issues for you.

The Blue Screen of Death

If you’re seeing the Blue Screen of Death, it’s time to call us. Your issue may be related to drivers that are of date or incompatible with your hardware. You may have a virus or a Windows System update that failed to install properly.

Our team of professionals will diagnose and resolve your issue. We’ll clean up any viruses and malware, optimize your hard drive, ensure your drivers are current and that your Windows Operating System is up to date with critical security patches.

Virus and Spyware Removal

If you’re seeing unwanted pop-up windows that grinds your PC to a halt you may be infected with viruses or spyware. Slow PC performance is not always caused by viruses, but unusual activity on your PC can indicate a need a deep clean to remove viruses and spyware.

Data Recovery

If your PC has crashed we’ll recover data off of your hard disk and create a backup system for you to protect you from potential data loss in the future.

Optimizing Your System from Browser to WiFi

Bennett Office Technology works with clients to understand how they will use their laptops and mobile devices. If you’re a road warrior we’ll optimize your system with security software to protect you from hackers while you’re on the road.

Computer Diagnosis and Computer Repair with Bennett Office Technology

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