It may be one of the most unglamorous parts of business, document management, but most businesses rely on some form of it to keep their organizations running smooth. Document management can include your copiers, printers, and fax devices as well as scanning, secure transportion of scanned documents, and storage.

At Bennett Office Technologies, our experts in document management are here to help streamline processes and ensure that your organization is getting the best bang for the buck!

Never worry about your printing again with Bennett's Managed Print Services in Willmar, MN and central Minnesota or, if you're not sure where to start, contact us for a free analysis of your print environment.

There are many times where basic equipment just doesn't seem to completely solve all the print environment challenges.  We have tools to help with that!

HyPass Applications

KYOCERA software platform HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) expands your MFP's core capabilities to simple touch-screen operations that address your unique workflow needs.

Leveraging this technology, paper documents are cost-effectively routed into an efficient digital workflow, helping you control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive edge.

Benefits of the KYOCERA HyPAS Platform

Business Managers and CFOs

  • Aligns MFP technology with business goals to meet most urgent needs, ensuring fast return on investment (ROI).
  • Safeguards intellectual property and helps meet rigorous compliance mandates, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Low implementation costs; HyPAS business apps typically do not require purchase of server hardware and software.

IT Professionals

  • Leverages existing IT infrastructure, business apps and databases.
  • Scalability; MFP adapts to changing workflow and network environments.
  • Helps maintain control over document, device and network integrity and security.
  • Improves visibility into usage and trends, for better management of workflow across an enterprise.


  • Offers superior usability, with simple one-touch scanning operations; intuitive icons, buttons and form-fields speed job completion.
  • Enhances overall workgroup productivity and efficiency; engages the user through a familiar control panel.
  • Facilitates information sharing and collaboration, locally and globally.

Capture and Distribution

  • PinPoint Scan 3

    PinPoint Scan

  • DMC icon


  • Accusender Fax

    Accusender Fax

  • KYOCERA HyPAS App Teaching Assistant

    Teaching Assistant

Document Management

  • copy, email, fax icon

    Kyocera Microsoft Connector

Mobile and Cloud

  • Kyocera Mobile Print

    Mobile Print

  • KYOCERA HyPAS App Apple AirPrint

    Google Connector

  • Cloud Connect

    Cloud Connect

Network and Device Management in Willmar, MN

  • Kyocera Net Viewer

    KM Net Viewer

  • KX Print Driver

    KX Print Driver

  • Command Center RX

    Command Center RX

Cost Control and Security

  • KYOCERA HyPAS App 2MyInbox


  • KYOCERA HyPAS App Apple AirPrint

    Apple AirPrint

  • KYOCERA HyPAS App Card Authentication

    Card Authentication

  • KYOCERA HyPAS App SharePoint Connector

    SharePoint Connector

  • Tiered Color Monitor
  • Job Accounting
  • Private Print
  • Card Authentication
  • Data Security
  • MyQ

There are many other great KYOCERA HyPas Applications that can help your organization work more effectively including the following:

  • Access Lock
  • AccuSender
  • AccuSender Fax
  • CentraQ
  • Color Lock
  • DMConnect
  • DMSLink
  • Home Point
  • Language Exchange
  • OnBase Connector
  • Open Text Alchemy Connector
  • Preserve Dox
  • Right Fax Connector
  • SAP Devices

For more information on KYOCERA HyPAS and what it can do for your organization, contact us or visit the KYOCERA.

The right solutions to make your work more efficient and productive.

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