KYOCERA HyPAS Application: Cloud Connect

KYOCERA meets your ever-changing demands with Cloud Connect, an exceptional application that enables you to retrieve and print files from Evernote and Google Drive, cloud storage providers, directly from any KYOCERA HyPAS enabled MFP. You can even upload scanned files to Evernote and Google Drive from the MFP, without needing a computer!

KYOCERA Cloud Connect is your bridge to the could, connecting you effortlessly to all of your files and giving you total control over when and where you access and print them. Most importantly, you don't even need your smart phone, computer or tablet to be able to access, store, print and scan your documents, just your KYOCERA MFP. This means you can turn paper documents into digital files or the reverse with just one push of a button and without needing a computer.

Business Challenges

  • To travel lightly, I store my documents in my cloud space – How can I make sure I can print them without my computer?
  • When digitising my documents, I first scan them to my PC and then upload them to the cloud – Isn‘t there a faster way?
  • Data security is crucial to my business – Are cloud services really secure?

Your Advantages

  • Print without a computer: You can easily access and print your documents stored in Google DriveTM or EvernoteTM from any MFP.
  • Take the shortcut: Cloud Connect enables you to scan documents directly into your cloud account, without using a PC.
  • Data Security: Log into your account with your user name and password – The security of your data is ensured.
  • As you have to use your personal login to access Cloud Connect, the security of your data is guaranteed.

To learn more, download the Cloud Connect Data Sheet or contact us!

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