IT costs are anything but predictable. From emergency repairs and restorations to shifting vendor and storage costs, your IT budget can quickly grow beyond what you expected!

It’s also not always clear what kind of value — or risk — you can expect from your IT investments and expenses. That’s why many business owners try to keep their costs variable, figuring that slower months will come with a lower IT expenditures.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. In fact, a fixed-cost model is often more affordable and supports a more sustainable IT infrastructure as well! That’s because the right IT provider can create a well-balanced mix of services, capped at a fixed-price ceiling.

Benefits of Fixed-Cost IT Packages

  • Flexibility without wide variation in costs. There will always be variables costs for IT needs, including software licenses, data storage, and training expenses. A fixed-cost IT plan incorporates on-demand SaaS solutions, vendor packages with incremental or as-needed pricing, fractional outsourcing, and other ways to minimize variable costs.
  • More accurate cost predictions. One primary cause of IT bloat is that businesses encounter new software and equipment expenses as they’re trying to grow. A fixed-cost IT model includes strategies and packages to minimize sticker shock while supporting the business’s goals.
  • Better adaptability. With a fixed-cost IT model in place, businesses will eventually be able to fully leverage on-demand and incremental services to adapt to any changes in workload, staffing, or technical needs.

Without a fixed-cost IT model, businesses often find themselves drowning in wildly variable costs. They may avoid bulk pricing for software or storage solutions, only to be charged overage fees or per-seat rates. Another problem is staffing: when businesses outsource tasks to virtual assistants, they may reduce their HR costs but incur more risk for their organization and decrease productivity.

Why Bennet Office Technologies?

We know the best strategies and data points to use as we build your IT model. Plus, we have expertise in multiple technologies and SaaS Solutions, and we’re able to craft an optimal mix that reduces your expenses and improves your profitability.

Our goal is to make your costs variable enough to be minimized but predictable enough that you can plan your business’s growth. Your IT costs shouldn’t be a barrier to your success. With a fixed-cost IT model, you can grow with confidence.

The right solutions to make your work more efficient and productive.

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