A backup of your data isn't just required to prepare for a disaster such as a fire or tornado. More often, organizations experience some sort of hardware failure causing them to lose valuable information that took years to build. Ensure that if disaster does strike, you're prepared with Hosted Backup from Bennett Office Technologies in Willmar, MN servicing businesses in central Minnesota.

Data Backup on Computer


Hosted Backup allows you to take an identical copy of your data in to a remote location. Backing up to a remote location allows you the peace of mind knowing that a recent copy of your work is secured off premises in case your local copy is disabled. A key best practice in protecting against Ransomware.

Fire. Hardrive failure. Flood. Virus.

Organizations have fallen victim to viruses like the Crypotlocker without a disaster recovery plan.  How do you protect your organization from viruses like it, natural disaster, or hardware failures? A key piece of any disaster recovery plan is on site and of site backup. Hosted Backup allows you an affordable, convenient way to keep your data handy so it's not an inconvenience to restore when you need it.

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