Unfortunately, with great new technologies, come great new threats.  Do you ever log on to an open network?  Have you ever gone in to a cafe to get some work done and accessed their open WiFi? Well, it’s not safe any more.   A Man in the Middle attack is when a hacker uses some sort of device to intercept the information flow to and from your device to wherever you are trying to reach.  The device grabs all the packets you are transferring back and forth.  This means that all your data is vulnerable.

So even if you are connecting to a secure site, such as a banking site, it may not be secure.  Some hackers can detect your request to connect to the bank site, send the bank site the confirmation it needs and send you the confirmation you need from the bank site, and still be receiving all the data such as your username and password.  This man in the middle attack gives you the impression you are secure the entire time.  It even goes so far as to displaying the lock symbol implying that the site is secure as you can see in the image.

As a business, this should concern you if you have an open WiFi network of any kind, this includes a guest network or you have employees who BYOD and are connecting to the network through an unsecured path.  This means that your business data is being threatened.

Since each business is different and has unique strengths and weaknesses, you should contact your network administrator to determine what the right plan of action is for your business.  But, here’s some advice on how to avoid being caught in a situation like this.

  • No more open networks.  If you are a company that has an open guest WiFi or something similar, consider password protecting it and encrypting all traffic.  Yeah, there’s one more hoop to jump through because your users will have to get the password from an employee, but, it makes your network more secure.
  • Use wireless connections with WPA2 or a wired connection to ensure that no one can see or take your data.

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