If you own a small or large business, you know the frustrations and wasted time when dealing with IT downtimes. IT downtime makes getting any work done nearly impossible and only adds stress and anger to your day, as well as your customers’. Total Network Assurance can proactively identify and rectify any potential problems and allow your IT team to focus on the more important work.

Decrease Network Downtime

There are solutions to solving network downtime at your business, and proactive steps you can take to minimize the time spent for your IT department to assess and solve the problem.

Ensure Network Security

Although not one of the most common sources of downtime, cyberattacks and digital criminals can cause significant IT downtime for your business. To deter these types of attacks on your system, you should monitor your security and ensure that your network and servers are properly protected against any form of mischief or disruption. You can also check for any problems in terms of general performance, as sometimes solving these problems proactively can prevent a more severe system crash down the road.

Back Up Everything

When your IT systems go down, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your day is over. If you back up your data and have multiple copies of your files, it’s possible to use them when your system is down, like using a backup generator when the power goes out.

The general rule of thumb is to have three copies of all of your files so that, in the case of an emergency, you and your employees don’t miss a step. Backing up your files with third-party systems will minimize downtime and allow your employees to continue working even in the event of a crash.

Update Your System

Computing systems should never be stagnant. They are changing and fluctuating entities that should be updated, backed up, and upgraded whenever possible to ensure optimal operations. Staying up to date in terms of your system, files, and servers will help prevent a crash both in the short and long term. When you update or upgrade your system and software, the action usually comes included with a solution for common bugs and other problems that commonly crash systems. Many crashes are actually rather simple to prevent, but your company must take the time and make the investment to prevent them.

Spread Information to Employees

Everything you can do to prevent a system crash is well and good, but it’s ultimately worthless if your employees don’t know about the information presented. You should train your employees to be aware of their system’s vulnerabilities and make any changes necessary in their routines in order to prevent a costly system crash.

Employees should be trained on security parameters and be informed about a multitude of scams, including those distributed through e-mail and text message systems. Just one employee’s decision to click on a phony link could lead to a company-wide crash that could cost you hundreds of thousands in time and data loss.

Total Network Assurance

Total Network Assurance comes standard with RMM (Remote Monitoring Management) agent and anti-virus, and one server off-site replication. The RMM system is an extremely robust software solution, with applications that monitor your entire network. The RMM system monitors your entire data center network to ensure that your data is flowing at full capacity. The system has detailed, graphical dashboards that will help you see exactly what is going on with your network and quickly identify problems.

Here’s how it works: Bennett Office Technologies, as your IT partner, provides 24/7 service calls for your network and interface your existing equipment to our monitoring solution. Once an assessment of your network is completed, we provide a recommendation and any possible solutions, and our Technical Support team is on call to help you with any issues that may arise. When we proactively monitor your network, we immediately identify trouble spots. Then, we’ll go ahead and resolve those issues as quickly and effectively as possible. We analyze the data generated by the various devices in your network and route requests directly to the right application or device. By making this provision, we can streamline workflow by minimizing the amount of time your employees spend waiting for information.

Contact Bennett Office Technologies

There are many issues that may cause IT downtime, but you can prepare for them and be ready to resolve them. Avoid system crashes and ensure your company’s IT needs are running smoothly now, and into the future, with Total Network Assurance. You’ll get 24/7 network monitoring, proactive management, and tech support to help resolve any problems with your network.

Bennett Office Technologies will work closely with your business to decrease network downtime. For assistance in determining your business network needs call 320-235-6425 or contact our team of experts at Bennett Office Technologies. Businesses are welcome to complete our Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you with solutions.

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