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Businesses are continually transforming through technology.  New technology creates opportunities for business growth; some businesses are late adopters, some live on the cutting edge. Bennett Office Technologies is a leader in IT services, supporting small to large businesses since 1981. Located in Willmar, MN, Bennett Office Technologies delivers professional scaled IT solutions partnering with our clients to understand and meet their current and future business needs.

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Bennett Office Technologies and IT Managed Services

What does "Managed IT Service" mean?

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One of the most frequently asked questions by business owners is what does a managed IT service mean? Small business owners may have simple office networking needs, while enterprise clients require services and support scaled for high volume performance and high reliability. Either way, business owners do not normally have the knowledge to build the IT infrastructure necessary to support their business. If they have the knowledge, they do not have the time to build and support it. They may have the right computers, routers and switches, or are operating with aging equipment that needs updates, upgrades or replacement.  Managed Services optimizes your company’s processes and equipment to create the most productive and cost effective work environment. 

IT Services with Bennett Office Technologies

Bennett Office Technologies is one of central Minnesota’s most trusted resources for managed IT services and computer support. Client success translates to increased savings within their business, more productive teams, reduced downtimes and reliable communication between servers, network to PC, to smartphones and mobile devices.

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Assessing Client IT Service Needs with Bennett Office Technologies

To determine the IT service needs of our clients, we set up a discovery session to understand what your IT environment is like and what your business goals are. By understanding your business, we can create an IT plan that meets your current needs and future growth. We measure any investment required for new IT equipment, estimate cost savings and make recommendations on best practices. Clients are often surprised at the money saved by changing a service that may not seem costly at a glance.

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Ongoing IT Support with Bennett Office Technologies

Our team at Bennett Office Technologies is committed to your ongoing success. We plan, implement, and provide the support you need during and after an IT project or service is delivered. Our staff will work with you onsite and remotely to provide the training you need to maximize your IT products, or troubleshoot any technical support issues that may arise over time.

Proactive Monitoring and Data Security
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With our IT Managed Services, we proactively monitor your network, PCs and mobile devices. We make sure you are protected from viruses, malware and data breaches. Data security is now one of the most sought services, due to the various data issues seen in the news. Use this form to contact us with questions on how we can help you assess and/or address any issues you may have.

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