Small and mid-sized companies can be especially hard hit by a compromise in security because they often lack the staff and budget needed to quickly address a problem.  More important than implementing a security infrastructure is maintaining it.  Bennett’s Security Services help you develop, implement and maintain a secure network in the Willmar, MN and Central Minnesota area.

*Data Security is included in Total Network Assurance.

Bennett’s Security Services Include

  • Firewall Protection

    A firewall protects a network from an outside source, whether the outside source is the Internet or another network.  Some of your company’s records, such as finances, need not be accessible by all of your employees.  A firewall can be installed at any perimeter, which allows you to customize your network’s security.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an affordable, flexible and reliable security solution that exceeds the optional solution of a private WAN.  With a private WAN, a new leased line must be added with each new user.  A VPN runs over the internet, which allows more flexibility and affordability.  The VPN passes information through tunneling and encryption.  Tunneling is a point to point connection between the remote and central offices; encryption scrambles the data on the sending end and reassembles on the receiving end.

  • Private Data Leak Protection

    Private Data Leak Protection help prevents important personal data, such as social security numbers and credit card numbers, from being leaked out of your business.  This can be done with a firewall or email security.

  • Proactive IT Support

    Viruses, hackers and other network risks feed on outdated computers and servers by leveraging vulnerabilities that exist.  Avoid these problems with a proactive IT Support schedule to ensure that your servers, computers, software and other network hardware are fully operational at optimum performance levels.

  • Data Protection

    Effective planning decreases the amount of time necessary to manage data backups and restoration databases.  Ask about our 9 step Data Protection service today.

  • External Security Scan

    Hackers scan multiple networks at once to find vulnerabilities, not even knowing or pinpointing a specific company.   This scan gives you an insight as to what opportunities a hacker would see from their point of view.

  • Security Assessment

    We recommend security assessments quarterly, bi-annually, or at a minimum, once per year depending on your industry.  Our assessment will provide you with the information you need to make well-rounded security decisions to better protect your company’s data.  Click here to learn more about our Network Security Assessment.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    Whether hosted or managed on-site, Intrusion Detection Service (IDS), also referred to as Intrusion Prevention, monitors computer systems for signs of intrusion or misuse.  It is the only part of the infrastructure that can detect security breaches on your internal network.  If your business hasn’t been struck by computer crime with in the past year, you’re among a very small and fortunate minority.

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