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Office 365 Guide

A Guide to Office 365 and How it Benefits Businesses with Support from Bennett Office Technologies

Benefits of Office 365

If you want a service that will improve your efficiency and allow you to work with anyone, from anywhere, at any time, Microsoft 365 is the service for you. Supercharge your business and work smarter than your competition!

Includes popular Microsoft Office desktop apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
Includes additional storage and the power of many cloud-based features.
Allows collaboration with others on files and projects in real-time.
Allows access to many tools and functions for a low, affordable rate.
Ensures that data is protected and encrypted by cutting-edge cybersecurity practices.
Boosts employee productivity no matter what project they’re working on.
Accomodates employees working remotely from a home office.
Allows access to calendar and e-mail services that connects your team.
Boasts some of the best web and digital security available today for your files and sensitive assets.
Allows users to access business accounts without jeopardizing the security of your enterprise.

Office 365 Resources

Did you know that Office 365 is free for non-profit organizations? Do you know what the differences are between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2021? Get more information below!

Office 365 Status

Having an issue with Microsoft Office 365? Check the status here to find out if it's a known issue with Microsoft.

Join the Future of Cloud-Based Services

Companies around the globe are joining cloud-based services because they offer greater collaboration possibilities, are almost entirely digital, and are not restricted by region or physical barriers to business.

If you want to join the future of business computing, contact Bennett Office Technologies. We’ll help you build a technology strategy that works for your business.

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