When you need to run a simple print job, it can be frustrating to encounter printer errors whether at work or at home. By following some simple guidelines you can minimize printing issues and improve your ability to troubleshoot them.

Business man at Office Printer CopierOperating Systems, Security Patches and Printer Drivers

Make sure your Operating System is patched with the latest security updates, and that your drivers are current. This optimizes computer performance and supports communication between your computer and printer whether your device is directly connected to your computer or connected across a WiFi or local network.

If using Windows 10, you can check your printer drivers by following these simple steps. When installing a new printer, Windows will automatically look for and install the appropriate drivers. However, if you run across errors such as “Printer Driver is Unavailable” this troubleshooting step can often resolve the issue.

Are You Using the Correct Ink for Your Printer?

Different printer models use specific ink cartridges so it’s important to note the model of your printer, the manufacturer, and the type of printer cartridge it requires. One of the differentiators between ink cartridges is the microchip installed in the ink cartridge; if a cartridge is not compatible with your printer, you are likely to see an error message indicating you are using the wrong ink cartridge.

Manufacturers offering printer solutions to businesses will only support devices under their warranty. Using components outside of what is provided by the manufacturer will void the warranty and introduce significant support and maintenance costs to business owners.

Desktop Home Printer with PaperThe Paper Jam, One of the Most Common Headaches for Businesses and Home Users

With the volume of printing that takes place at businesses, it is not surprising that paper jams are common. It’s no less frustrating when paper jams happen at home.

Paper Stock, Paper Trays and Clearing Paper Jams

Paper Stock

Be mindful of how much paper you stack in your paper tray. Adding too much paper can cause paper jams. Also, mixing paper of varying thickness for different print jobs can cause a jam especially if you are using duplex printing. Plan your print jobs and stock your paper tray accordingly.

Paper Trays, Debris and Obstructions

If your printer is in a cramped home office space make sure your paper tray has room to open before initiating a print job. At your office, keep obstructions away from your printer trays and doors. Keep your printers clear of debris, especially the vents.

Clearing Paper Jams

Be careful when removing paper jams and follow instructions provided by your printer. Most printers will provide on screen visuals of where a jam is located and which doors to access the jam. Handle paper jams with care, using force to remove paper can cause internal damage to your printer, breaking gears and damaging rollers.

When to Call a Technician for Your Printing Needs

Home users can access support for their home printer by accessing the manufacturer’s online support portal. Follow the diagnostic steps provided before opening a call with support.

Business owners often switch to managed print services when they realize the operational cost of managing their printer fleet. Bennett Office Technologies has helped clients realize cost savings, in some cases more than $40,000 annually through our managed print services.

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