Modern computing power is the lifeblood of most businesses today, but this convenience and streamlined workflow capability comes with a steep cost; if your IT data is lost and information about your valuable clients disappears in a crash, how will you be able to get it back?

The answer is to be proactive, to ensure this crash never happens, and you can do so with Proactive IT, letting us monitor your systems and keep everything steady and level. There are always warning signs which build up to crashes, but companies rarely have the technical manpower or expertise to heed these signs in time. That’s where we come in.

Benefits of Proactive IT Monitoring

Monitoring IT is a complex process with several components involved and implemented. For example, patches and hotfixes must be applied every so often to ensure no bugs bring down your entire system. In addition, application licenses and seats should be managed, along with hardware warranties and service SLA.

These pieces will keep your company protected and safe in the event of a crash, alongside frequent and thorough backups. Security is a priority as well, as your firewall could be compromised at any time. All of these components factor into our daily decision making and make us one of the most trusted names in IT monitoring.

Enhance Your Productivity

A crash can happen at any time, but there are usually several signs of a coming crash. We often check event logs in your system to make sure every I is dotted, and every T is crossed, and we’ve prevented more than a few crashes through this simple and preliminary gesture. Checking early and often keeps your employees working and keeps productivity flowing, as substantial time, resources, and energy, is lost when your system crashes.

Prevention is the key to success and that’s exactly why we specialize in helping you avoid disaster before it strikes. Proactive monitoring lets your company keep its stride, casting aside doubts about catastrophe. In addition, we can help you upgrade performance equipment and keep your workers working more efficiently with each and every piece of equipment we monitor and upgrade.

Grab Your Peace of Mind

Identifying and correcting problems early is your best shot at avoiding collapse, but it can be tricky for a non-dedicated IT professional to help you do this. Our company provides a team of experienced and knowledge IT experts to pinpoint exactly where your problem could arise and nip it in the bud before it results in major damage.

This monitoring gives you significant peace of mind through the days and months, helping you stay on track and ensure you can trust your equipment and systems in a pinch. This reliability of your systems is absolutely invaluable.

Save Money

There’s nothing more frustrated than spending money on repairs which were totally avoidable and should have been observed a mile away. ProActive IT will save your companies tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or potentially millions in avoided catastrophes and the saving of user data.

Reactive support charges by the hour and is unstable and is only a band-aid on a massive and widespread problem when a crash actually occurs. ProActive IT charges a steady and reliable rate, which is only a fraction of the cost a major crash would cost your business. If you want peace of mind and assurance that your customers’ data is safe and protected, contact Bennett Office Technologies about ProActive IT and Monitoring today.

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