General Manager, Dean BoutaThere has been a lot of change in my 32 years in this industry and a lot of firsts in my 26 years at Bennett Office Technologies.  We were the first to bring a wide range of technology to the area. Such as electronic typewriters, plain paper copiers, computers, computer networking, internet access and much more. The fast pace of change in our industry has made it difficult to plan very far into the future but the constant change has made working at Bennett very exciting.  I enjoy coming to work everyday because there is always a new challenge or something new to learn. This has all been made possible thanks to Russ and his eagerness to be on the leading edge and foresight to try new ventures. Russ has had the desire to provide good jobs for people. This great group of fellow employees has made this an enjoyable place to work. I enjoy being a part of this group providing great customer service. In my years here I have had the privilege to meet many great customers. I look forward to the opportunity as a team to provide great service to our customers in an ever changing world.

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