When it comes to planning a capital IT budget there is often a push to cut costs. Investing less up front on hardware tends to cost a company significantly over time. Our team at Bennett Office Technologies specializes in reviewing IT assets and related operational costs. Our Managed Print Solutions deliver efficiencies, a return on investment and cost savings for businesses.

We recently worked with a local business owner who spent $400 on a Brother MFC 9330CDW printer. While the initial spend was lower, over five years the cost of the printer was $12,000! We looked at cost per page, combined with the overall cost of the printer and cost of maintenance. To address this problem, we offered a solution that generated a savings of over $6000 over 5 years.

Invest on the Right Hardware, Save in the Long Run

With the right planning and investment up front, you will reduce operational costs, downtime and headaches. A longer life span for equipment and less break/fix support issues means more productivity and less frustration for employees.

What are Managed Print Services?

As a Managed Print Service provider Bennett Office Technologies reviews printer hardware and infrastructure, printing needs from volume to print job types and operational costs, such as the cost of ink, toner and maintenance. We also look at  security requirements, print jobs need to be secure whether they are initiated locally, or via VPN. We review assets including multi-function printers (MFPs), scanners, faxes, photocopiers and desktop printers. We proactively monitor printer supplies (ink and toner), and present opportunities to prevent wasteful printing which in turn introduces energy cost savings.

Companies from small, medium to enterprise, who switched to our Managed Print Services, report a range of benefits including ROI. Opportunities open for IT staff who are no longer burdened with managing a printer fleet.

With Managed Print Services, the process is ongoing, we assess your environment and monitor over time the volume of printing, and changes in printing requirements as business requirements change. Proactive oversight of your printing environment also impacts green initiatives many companies are building into their overall best practices.

A Cost Saving Solution? Invest More on a Printer Model That Meets Your Long Term Business Requirements

Clients often don’t anticipate the cost of toner and page yield over time. This is why it’s important to consider the cost per page. For example:

Printer Comparison Chart

The cost of the drum set on the Brother 9330CDW was $150 while the cost of the drumset for the Kyocera M6635 CLDN was $655. That said, the page yield for the Brother model was 15,000 while Kyocera’s page yield was 200,000. This meant the annual cost Brother’s drum set was $120 compared to Kyocera’s $39 annual cost. Comparing the total cost of the drum set and toners (back, cyan, magenta and yellow), the total annual cost with the Brother model was $2,2347 compared to Kyocera’s total annual cost of $781 per year. Take that over 5 years and we see how purchasing a cheaper model up front can more than double your costs over time!

Ask Bennett Office Technologies for a Free Assessment!

Are you seeing high operational costs when it comes to managing your printers? Our team of professionals will work with you to audit your current environment from hardware to network, your printing needs and year to year expenses. Did you know that companies often spend over 2% of their annual revenue on printing costs? See how one customer saved over $40,000 in their first year of switching over to our Managed Print Services.

To learn more about Bennett Office Technologies and our Managed Print Service contact our team of experts at Bennett Office Technologies. Business owners are welcome to complete our Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you to do a free assessment.

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