Each business is unique and operates in a different way. That’s why different IT systems are deployed, for different jobs, and at different prices. But whether you buy a PC or rent a server, you are buying a commodity product that is going to be used until the end of the day, until the day it’s no longer needed.

It’s important to look beyond the technology, as cost/value problems could impact every employee, every day. The best way to start is to identify the IT problem first and then act accordingly.

Find Balance Between Cost and Value

Here’s the big picture:

You have more technology issues than you have time to fix.

New technology is not a panacea – often it’s the most expensive, biggest roadblock to achieving goals.

Do your homework: Determine what IT is required for your business. Then, determine whether it’s in the budget. Don’t be a “nice-to-have” business – be a “must-have.”

Take a step back: Before you buy the solution, be sure you have enough capacity to meet your needs and maintain continuity.

Identify Your Technology Needs

Struggling With IT in Your Business? Find Help!

All businesses today face pressure to do more with less. One way to meet this challenge is to eliminate technology hassles, and one of the main hassles is upgrading or replacing a system you already have. Too many businesses are not considering their technology’s real cost, the impact on user experience, and the need to fix issues that arise, thus delaying users’ ability to do their jobs, which leads to more pressure to upgrade.

Just like a house, your company doesn’t stay in its present condition, and all the “nice” stuff you bought over the years needs to be replaced. In fact, business technology is growing more complex and costly by the day.

However, if you take a step back and look at your environment, you can see all the “stuff” that you have in place and more importantly, you can see what can be done. And if there’s a problem, you can fix it quickly and start adding value and capabilities to your business.

Implement IT Technologies

Once you have identified your core business goals and selected a solution that fits your budget, you can turn your attention to your IT system and address any issues, for which you have the correct infrastructure. This allows you to deploy the right solution for the right job, at the right time. This is the strategy that leads to long-term success, minimizing issues and increasing productivity.

To increase your business’ value, measure the key business performance areas, evaluate the quality of your environment, implement technologies, and manage the infrastructure. In the end, having a technology platform that will provide the necessary platform to serve your business goals, while minimizing technology hassles, is the key to business success.

Prioritize Technology Issues

Smart business owners or CEOs routinely acknowledge the number of important business issues they are managing and the lack of staff to address them, and they take steps to solve the problems immediately. These business professionals apply smart thinking, narrow their list of issues and focus their time and resources on those that will have a measurable impact on their business and its customers.

Many other leaders, however, struggle to prioritize their business’ growing list of technology issues. They are so distracted by those issues, their time and energy are consumed by them and they are unable to manage them effectively.

Contact Bennett Office Technologies

There are many IT challenges that businesses face, but you can prepare for them and be ready to solve them. With Total Network Assurance, you’ll get 24/7 network monitoring, proactive management, and tech support to help resolve IT struggles as they arrive.

Bennett Office Technologies will work closely with your business to identify your IT issues before they affect your business. For assistance in determining your business technology needs call 320-235-6425 or contact our team of experts at Bennett Office Technologies. Businesses are welcome to complete our Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you with solutions.

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