Whether you are a local business owner or home computer user in need of computer support or repair, taking your computer to a physical location is not always feasible. Working with a knowledgeable IT technician that can remotely troubleshoot your IT issue while you remain in the comfort of your home or business has many advantages. With the right assessments, your IT issue can be resolved remotely. If not, an onsite visit can be scheduled with an initial diagnostic already completed, usually saving valuable time and money.  If your business is using managed IT services you have access to a team dedicated to maintaining your network and servers, email and cloud services.

What is a Remote IT Support Session?

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A remote IT support session allows a trusted IT technician access to your desktop or laptop while he or she is based at a remote location. These sessions are secure and take place at the request of a computer user. A remote session is initiated by the technician who will initiate a request for permission to connect to your workstation. Once the computer owner grants permission, a remote session can be initiated. A remote technician may ask the end user to walk through some troubleshooting steps, or step in to access your computer and remotely troubleshoot your issues.

Five Steps to Prepare for a Successful Remote Support Session on Your Desktop or Laptop

To optimize your time with a remote support technician follow these simple steps so you are prepared when you call in for support.

  1. Record any errors your computer is experiencing. This includes any error messages that affect your ability to use an application or behaviors such as beeping sounds when starting your desktop or laptop. Tip: Use your smartphone to take a picture of errors that appear on screen, this can be of particular help if you’re dealing with the “blue screen of death”.
  2. Can you recreate the steps that generate the error? Document them.
  3. What troubleshooting have you completed? Keep a short log of steps taken to resolve your issue and share this information with your technician.
  4. Document any new software that was installed, when and from what source. If you installed new hardware make note of what you installed, you may be experiencing a driver conflict.
  5. Familiarize yourself with options to reboot your computer. For example, if you are still using Windows 7, Vista, or XP tap the F8 button in 1 second intervals after rebooting your PC. If using Windows 10, and you are able to access your login screen, you can hold down the Shift Key while selecting Power > Restart to access Windows 10’s  troubleshooting start up options.

What to Consider with Remote IT Support Plans

 technical support operator working on computer Understand the support plans that come with your IT products and services. Support plans can be offered as a subscription, offering a set number of hours per month or as unlimited support, depending on price. Some services are offered at an hourly rate. Be familiar with the support options you have to optimize your resources. Business owners may want to consider centralizing their IT support services with a dedicated team that can offer 24/7 IT support, relieving them of the burden and stress of managing network uptime and office productivity.

Ask Bennett Office Technologies for a Free Assessment!

Bennett Office Technologies offers clients reliable and efficient remote support through our Remote 2 Me IT support service.

When calling into our Support Desk it may seem like you are working with just the person you are speaking to, but most of the time several technicians are reviewing your issue. We have a true team approach to solving your issues.

Our team has experience in all levels of support.  With new technicians, Bennett Office Technologies techs work at the Support Desk shadowing an existing technician for at least 30 days. All Technicians must pass a background check. After 30 days that technician works with a technician that has been doing remote support with our customers for a minimum of one year. After a technician has worked at Bennett Office Technologies for 7 months they can then work on customer equipment on their own. It is top propriety to provide the best service to our customers.

To learn more about all of our IT computer support and services, or for help planning your IT needs complete our Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you to do a free assessment.

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