In case you didn’t notice, we’re all about security here at Bennett.  And I don’t know about you but I struggle just to remember what I’m supposed to do each day but trying to remember 4,567,290 passwords is just too much. (Ok, I’m exaggerating but it feels like that.)  With all the recent notifications of databases being comprimised in the last few months it’s had us thinking about how we can help you to be more protected.

Here at Bennett, we use a program called LastPass.  This free (for individuals) password manager helps to relieve the password fatigue we can all get so quickly.  It’s a cloud based service that utilizes plugins to help you easily manage your online accounts.  So basically, it generates secure passwords for you, stores them, and it even has an autofill feature.  I won’t be lying when I tell you that it’s pretty much amazing and they do have a premium (paid) service for businesses if your organization needs to share passwords with certain groups of people.

You’re sold right?!  A free service that will fix all of your password ails! Learn how to get signed up for an account and a few more awesome tips on LastPass in this LifeHacker article.

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