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If you’re a small business with a team of 50 or less you may be managing your own IT services and network. Operating in a PC environment, you know how important it is to keep current with Windows security updates, run the latest versions of web browsers, and regularly monitor your network for viruses, malware and ransomware.

When resources are stretched, and product and service deadlines are demanding, it can be a challenge to implement IT best practices that will optimize your day-to-day operations. Staff who understand their technology environment are better equipped to cope with performance issues, and generate more informative support requests when they have to reach out for IT support.

Located in Willmar, MN, and with clients throughout the state, Bennett Office Technologies knows the more our clients understand the services they already have, the clearer they are on what gaps to focus on and where we can help.

Troubleshooting IT Issues? Help the End User Help You

We’re all familiar with the classic troubleshooting question, “Have you rebooted your computer?” Taking time to educate staff with simple information on how things work can optimize their time spent dealing with an issue before they default to rebooting and losing useful troubleshooting information.

Below are three common technology issues we receive at Bennett Office Technologies and what you can do to address them.

  1. Applications open slowly, display a “spinning circle,” or fail to open at all
  2. Software updates fail or Windows software automatically updates
  3. Inability to print documents onsite or offsite

Applications open slowly, display a “spinning circle,” or fail to open at all

Desktop or Cloud?

Make sure staff understand which applications are running locally and which ones are running in the cloud. For example, do staff know the difference between using Microsoft Office or Office 365? Are they trying to launch DropBox from a desktop client or straight from the web?

Software updates fail or Windows software automatically updates

Your staff shouldn’t experience workday interruptions because of Windows software updates. Create a strong GPO (Group Policy Object) and schedule when these updates push down to user workstations and laptops. Communicate the schedule.

An employee with time sensitive tasks on their plate can experience frustration if they see “1 of 38 Windows Updates” flash on their screen. Work proactively with a road warrior to schedule their Windows updates when they are back onsite.

Inability to print documents onsite or offsite  

Network Printing

Users who are onsite can run into issues printing documents. If they’re on a workstation that is hard wired into your office network, they’ll know they have a network connection if they can access a network server or the internet. Create a short list of common errors they might see, i.e., If they don’t see any printers in their remote session.

If a laptop user is reporting printing issues and they’re offsite, are their remote print jobs going to a server back at the office? Users don’t need to understand session printing, but once informed they can have a better shot at breaking down what their issue is.

Separately, make sure laptop users have the drivers they need to print from home if GPOs prevent them from installing software when they’re offsite.

The more comfortable users are in their environment, the more fluent they can be in troubleshooting. By keeping language simple you can minimize the time they spend frustrated at an issue and the better the opportunity to communicate.

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Bennett Office Technologies is one of Minnesota’s most trusted resources for IT services. We’ve been there for clients like you. We treat our clients as partners, and hire the best certified IT technicians to work with us. If you’d like help managing your IT services, simply complete our Free Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you to do a free assessment of your IT business needs.

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