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Whether a PC is several years old or new, optimal performance is a top expectation for business and personal computer users. Optimizing PC performance is one of the most frequently requested services at Bennett Office Technologies. Below, we share a series tips to get the best performance out of your PC whether your computer is old or new.

5 PC Maintenance and Disk Space Management Tips

Running regular maintenance tasks on your PC is an important part of optimizing computer health, speed and performance. The following steps play an important role in day to day management of PC health, regardless of computer age:

Free up disk space and maintain proactive PC habits

  1. Remove old files, archive data that needs to be saved and have a regular backup system in place. Getting into the habit of a reliable backup system paves the way to avoid disaster due to data loss.
  2. Check your Downloads folder and remove installation programs that are no longer needed. Installation programs can consume hundreds of megabytes of disk space necessary for your PC’s long term performance.
  3. Remove duplicate files from your PC. If you edit graphics on your PC you may have duplicate versions of the same file which consume disk space. Using a tool to find and remove duplicate files can save time in this process.
  4. Use Disk Defragmenter after clearing old files. This Microsoft tool rearranges file fragments on your local disk drives and improves the speed of your PC.
  5. Consider using cloud based storage solutions to store files and free up resources on your local disk drive. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox are options to consider.

Upgrade Your Operating System

If your PC is running Windows 10 you are on the most current operating system offered by Microsoft. Mainstream support of Windows 7 ended in 2015 and extended support ends in 2020. Mainstream support means Microsoft delivers regular free OS updates, patches and support, while extended support means Microsoft offers security updates only. Feature requests are not accepted and only paid technical support is available until 2020.

Migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Personal PC owners on Windows 7 will need to upgrade to Windows 10. Failure to upgrade from Windows 7 leaves PC users facing great security risks. Business owners with multiple computers on Windows 7 need a strategy and plan to upgrade their PC hardware to Windows 10. This includes determining how many computers need to be replaced because hardware upgrades will not be cost effective.

Microsoft Windows 10 is “ready when you are”.  Watch the video, click here.

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