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Cracked Screens, Dead Batteries, Liquid Spills and Loud Fans

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take an assessment of what your daily habits are, and you may find opportunities to reduce the risk of damage to your laptop.

Replacing Cracked Laptop Screens

At Bennett Office Technologies we often see laptop owners in need of screen repair. Never pick up a laptop from the top corner of its screen. Not only does this cause stress on the hinges between the laptop screen and base, we have seen many drops requiring laptop screen replacement and repair.

Take care when packing your laptop in a travel bag. Make sure your laptop is protected in a padded compartment that is easily accessible when passing through security at your airport. Avoid over-packing your laptop bag, you may run the risk of cracking the exterior case or the screen itself.

A Dead Laptop Battery Does Not Mean a Dead Laptop

You’ve charged your laptop overnight, but your laptop won’t start when unplugged. This doesn’t mean your laptop is dead. Instead, you may simply need a laptop battery replacement. Depending on your comfort level, you can contact your manufacturer to purchase a battery and replace the battery yourself if the battery is user-serviceable or user replaceable.

Depending on the age and make of your laptop, a battery replacement can run the risk of breaking an existing warranty or worse, causing irreparable damage to your laptop. It is critical to purchase the correct replacement battery and preferably, direct from the manufacturer. If the battery is not user replaceable, we recommend contacting a professional computer service repair provider to complete the replacement for you.

Keep Your Laptop High and Dry

Habits are easy to change after a disaster happens. Avoid the stress of spilt liquids on your laptop by keeping open liquid containers away from your laptop and make sure your family, friends, work colleagues and pets follow suit. Liquid damage varies depending on the amount spilt onto your laptop, and the amount and type of liquid that spills into the interior of your device.

If you have spilled liquid on your laptop, power it down immediately, unplug it, and turn it upside down. Wipe away as much liquid as possible. Do not use compressed air or a hair dryer, you’ll run the risk of blowing liquid further into your device. Contact your warranty provider or contact a professional technical support team for assistance.

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Is Your Laptop Loud? Your Laptop Fan May Be Struggling

If it sounds as if your laptop is about to take off, your fan may be struggling to prevent your laptop from overheating. Use compressed air to clear any visible dust that is blocking the air vents on your device.

If your laptop is new, you may be running too many tasks at once. Close down applications you are not actively using and reduce the number of open tabs in your browsers. Keeping applications open in the background consumes system resources including RAM and CPU, causing system components to work harder and potentially overheat.

If you are working with an older laptop and have tried these steps, contacting a computer repair professional to perform maintenance on your device and replace any aging components to optimize your device.

Ask Bennett Office Technologies for a Free Assessment!

Bennett Office Technologies services all major PC laptop brands including Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, IBM and HP. We will order the appropriate battery or part and complete the replacement on your behalf. For assistance with your laptop, from maintenance to computer repair please complete our Free Technology Assessment form. We’ll contact you to do a free assessment of your IT business needs.

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