No one wants to buy something that they aren’t going to utilize, right?! Buying software can be challenging for companies and individuals. What software best fits your organization’s needs? What software is worth your money?

Let’s take a closer look at what VMware is and look at if it is an additional expense for your servers that you do not need.

employees using computer - hypervisor or vmware

What is Hypervisor or VMware?

A virtual machine (VM) is a software computer used as imitation of a genuine physical computer. A virtual server allows multiple VMs to run on the same physical hardware. Compared to a physical server, the computing resources of a VM are virtualized and shared among all VMs running on it.

The construction of a virtual server is a more complex than that of a physical server. Thus, some businesses are convinced that it’s necessary to install additional virtual hardware on top of physical hardware. A VMware hypervisor is then used. A hypervisor, or virtual machine monitor, allows one host computer to support multiple guest VMs by virtually sharing its resources, like memory and processing. There are 2 types of hypervisors.

Type 1 Hypervisors

Type 1 hypervisors run on the host machine’s hardware directly. The hypervisor has direct hardware access without contending with the Operating System and drivers.

Type 2 Hypervisors

Type 2 hypervisors are built on top of the Operating System. The hypervisor runs as an application within the Operating System, which then runs directly on the host computer. Type 2 hypervisors do support multiple guest machines but are not allowed to directly access the host hardware and its resources.

Microsoft Hypver-V

Microsoft Hypver-V is virtualization software that is included with a purchase of MS Server editions.

Do I Need to Purchase WMware? Ask Bennett Office Technologies

Creating a virtual server can provide an array of benefits and opportunities for your business. When it comes to software, you should choose the software that would work best for you and your business, software that you will actually use.

Bennett Office Technologies works closely with clients to review and evaluate software needs and benefits. Our team will help you determine if you should purchase it, or leave it, and why.

For assistance on determining your business computer software needs contact our team of experts at Bennett Office Technologies. Business owners are welcome to complete our Technology Assessment form and we’ll contact you to do a free assessment.

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