When it comes to managing email, common concerns expressed by clients include how secure a cloud-based email solution is, how easy is it to manage, and who offers the best solution?

Bennett Office Technologies partners with Microsoft and Barracuda Networks to offer clients a secure cloud-based email solution. We recommend Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange Solution or Office 365, depending on long-term business needs. Both solutions receive an additional layer of protection with Barracuda Essentials.

Why You Should Consider a Cloud-Based Email Solution

If you’re a new business and just starting out, opting for a cloud-based email solution is one of the most cost-efficient decisions you can make. The time spent managing on-premise hardware is eliminated, the cost of hardware and hardware upgrades does not become a factor in your budget, and your IT staff are able to focus their attention on IT solutions that will enhance your business.

If you are managing your Exchange environment onsite you already know the complexity and attention required from applying security patches, Windows server updates, managing server space and mailboxes, and the criticality of uptime and reliability. Is your environment running on a single server? How redundant is your environment?

Bennett Office Technologies breaks down the scope of work to be considered with a thorough assessment of your current and long-term business needs. Whether migrating an established business to a cloud-based Microsoft solution or one that is new and establishing a new email environment, we make sure our clients understand the value of their investment.

The Difference Between Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Office 365 Reflects Your Business Needs

Hosted Exchange and Office 365 solutions are cloud-based services that eliminate the added workload of managing an on-site Exchange server. Bennett Office Technologies partners with clients to determine the scope of their needs. A Hosted Exchange Solution gives clients the power of Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Webmail, without the on-site requirements of handling Windows and security updates, and server management.

Businesses looking for productivity solutions can benefit from Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business, available with Office 365 along with online versions of Microsoft office applications.

What is Barracuda Essentials?

Barracuda Essentials is a powerful cloud-based solution that provides your email with an additional layer of advanced threat protection, data protection and tamper proof archiving. Barracuda Essentials also offers a secure layer of protection against phishing, data theft, and other advanced threats, whether you are using a Microsoft Hosted Exchange solution or Office 365.

Barracuda Networks is an industry-leader in networking and application delivery, data storage, protection and disaster recovery. Barracuda Essentials is among a suite of products that provide efficient and cost-effective IT solutions that address day to day business needs.

Not only does Essentials cover security and protection, it’s Archiving for Compliance is a feature which allows companies to set parameters that meet email retention policies. This provides peace of mind for businesses who must respond to regulatory audits. And, in the event of litigation, legal holds are easily put in in place for the duration required to protect data from tampering or removal.

Your Business Needs, Plan Your Growth with Bennett Office Technologies

Our team at Bennett Office Technologies is committed to your ongoing success. We plan, implement, and provide the support you need during and after an IT project or service is delivered.

When it comes to planning your long-term needs for email management, our team of professionals will work with you to assess, evaluate and recommend the right solution for your business.

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